1. Hey, guys! I submitted a video to work for Geek & Sundry on their vlog channel. If you could go watch & vote I will love you forever and maybe even try your fandom.


  2. I’ve been vlogging for 6 months, including a very successful VEDA. This video includes some updates on my vlog, as well as some information on a little giveaway I’m doing.

  3. Returning to the Weight of Story series, I’m taking a look at horcruxes & the humanity of Tom Riddle.

  4. I really love stories.

  5. Announcing my attempt at VEDA.

  6. The Weight of Story #1:

    A brief exploration of how Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy presents the theme of identity.

  7. I always told myself I would never not finish a book. Today I am going back on that.

  8. 5 book recommendations from my 2012 reading list.


  9. I’d love to see a movie called “Glen Coco Glen Ross.” You know, a dramatic sequel to “Mean Girls” focused on Coco’s time in Chicago real estate.

  10. I made a wallpaper for fans of Hannah Hart's My Drunk Kitchen.

    Not my finest work, but toast carving & butter lettering are new to me. Feel free to send me an ask if you would like different dimensions.


  11. Long time no see!

    Hey, guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, and I do apologize. Recently I have been:

    1. Moving.
    2. Starting a new job.
    3. Working on other internet stuff.
    4. Working really hard on being a grownup.

    This post is about #3. I have started a humble little YouTube channel. As of right now there’s one video, with another one coming this Tuesday. It’s not really about graphic design, and is more so about whatever I feel like talking about. The first video is about getting stuff done (in the spirit of New Years). I plan on talking about movies, literature, video games, board games, life, and other such stuff. I’m still figuring out my style for this, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it anyway.

    So if you like YouTube and all that good stuff, please check it out. I would love to hear feedback. Subscribe if you like (or if you just really believe in me).

  12. marimbeast:

    My totally awesome libertarian nerdfighter shirt as created by www.Summersonhoth.tumblr.com

    Big thanks to marimbeast for being a nerdfighter, representing his party & supporting Summers on Hoth. This guy was the first to buy a shirt from Summers on Hoth & thus is infinitely awesome.

    If you want to get a shirt please visit the Summers on Hoth store here.


    (via freelance-astronaut-deactivated)


  13. Why we should give Disney a chance with Star Wars

    Today the Nerd World experienced a small tremor preceding a massive earthquake. News broke earlier that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm. Tremor. Now for the earthquake. We will be seeing a new Star Wars film in 2015. I do not mean another Clone Wars, I mean a new film in the main series. Episode VII. So what do we make of this as nerds?

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  14. Just me trying to win a Wii U in the upicuparty contest.

  15. A visual representation of John Green’s revised stance on “Boys you don’t want to date” vs “boys who don’t like smart girls.”